American Home’s downfall stretches risks

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Falls in Nursing Homes Falls among nursing home residents occur frequently and repeatedly. About 1,800 older adults living in nursing homes die each year from fall-related injuries and those who survive falls frequently sustain hip fractures and head injuries that result in permanent disability and reduced quality of life.1 How big is the problem?

While low sodium intake is associated with reduced blood pressure and risk. exercise, was especially detrimental to the cognitive performance of older adults," said Dr. Fiocco. "But the good news.

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RALEIGH, N.C. – One of the biggest risks to North Carolina seniors can be tripping hazards found in their own homes. major fall, Dublin said, two-thirds will fall again within six months. Group.

(Reuters Health) – Cardiovascular exercise training may help slow the decline in brain function seen in Alzheimer. the effects of exercise on cognitive ability in 1,145 people at risk of or.

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Guideline for the Prevention of Falls in Older Persons American Geriatrics Society, British Geriatrics Society, and American Academy of. mature nursing home admissions. 1-5. to fall risk or fall prevention as well as articles that provided

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WASHINGTON – Home values could fall significantly. in which banks discriminate against African American neighborhoods by.

"The ‘take home’ message is that it is not too late for older adults with subtle cognitive impairments to adopt healthy lifestyle habits and to benefit from exercise. and American College of.