As first military social work officer killed in action, Army Lt. Col. David Cabrera was a ‘soldier of kindness’

Antulio Segarra, Colonel, U.S. Army; in 1943, became the first Puerto Rican Regular Army officer to command a Regular Army Regiment when he assumed the command of Puerto Rico’s 65th Infantry Regiment, which was conducting security missions in the jungles of Panama

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– A 35-year-old soldier from Michigan was killed in an explosion Saturday in Fallujah, Iraq. Army Staff Sgt. Mark D. Vasquez was on patrol in a bradley fighting vehicle when it was struck by an improvised explosive device, according to a Department of Defense statement.

I’ve never been in the military, but I’ll throw in a couple of secondhand stories from my father, who was a Marine in Vietnam. My dad started off as an air traffic controller. They had some replacement Captain come in who was of the opinion that.

As first military social work officer killed in action, Army Lt col. david cabrera was a ‘soldier of kindness. The Russian officer and senior Tajik officials said Uzbekistan was lending military support to Tajikistan ‘s new Government of former Communists.

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By December 2013 the UN mission had been scaled to only 15 total uniformed personnel, 8 military liaison officers, 7 police officers, 116 international civilian personnel, 205 local staff, and 27.

Samuel W. Black Samuel Wylie Black (September 3, 1816 – June 27, 1862) was a lawyer, soldier, judge, and politician. A Democrat closely involved in Pennsylvania politics, he is best known for being the 7th Governor of the Nebraska Territory and for being killed in action leading his regiment in a charge early in the Civil War.

Written in a very readable style, filled with anecdotes and fascinating detail, the author’s study covers the genesis of sniping in the army, his early days instructing XI Corps, and then First Army, including much on the curriculum and work at that unit’s School of Scouting, Observation and Sniping.

Army Lt. Col. Jeff Yarvis looked out at the cemetery where 41-year-old Army Lt. Col. David Cabrera, believed to be the first military social work officer killed in action by enemy fire, would be buried this day.

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