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Eudaemonism, also spelled eudaimonism, or eudemonism, in ethics, a self-realization theory that makes happiness or personal well-being the chief good for man. The Greek word eudaimonia means literally “the state of having a good indwelling spirit, a good genius”; and “happiness” is not at all an adequate translation of this word.

ON "THE DEATH OF SANSKRIT" 297 general plausibility. Despite the genre of paka sastra one would not want to claim that Sanskrit was at home in the kitchen, but to exclude it from the realm of love is quite arbitrary. If we take into account the mileu of the cultured nagara, in which we situate erotic poetry and the Kama sastra,

and your words of encouragement have made this long intellectual journey more enjoyable and less.. official language, and now the lingua franca, is based on the fact that it does not provide. program and the remaining half was doing doctoral research in Sanskrit education and.. Maintaining ethics in this approach.

The Sanskrit word for "knowledge" is "Jnana", as in the system of "Jnana Yoga" which is the study of intellectual information. share: What is the meaning of the Sanskrit word ‘samajhate’?

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 · Good post. Yes, Hindi is still the lingua franca for most of India and English is limited to a section of the people that you mentioned. Do you not think that the Anglophone population is increasing in India and there is a possibility that English might, at one point, be equal to, or even surpass Hindi as the lingua franca?

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 · Kaushalendra Pandey, a professor of Sanskrit at the Banaras Hindu University (BHU), says Sanskrit is the language of naitikta, the language of the ethics and the morals.

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English has become the lingua franca of the world. Most of the Hindi roots come from Sanskrit. Hindi is written in Devnagari script. There are 72 local dialects spoken in Pakistan. In India, the.

Latin is to the west what Sanskrit is to India. It’s by far THE language of the civilization of the west, of its liturgy and intellectual elite, and that every educated European was supposed to know at least to some degree and in which essentially all major works of the west were written in, from the works of the fathers of Catholicism to Newton/Leibniz and their calculus.