THE BURNED OVER DISTRICT: And Jeb worked so hard

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Burned Over? Revivalism And Its Effects On The Local Church. the burned over district. Ai?? Burned over, because revivals sparked in the Second Great Awakening and more specifically by men like Charles Finney and his predecessors and imitators spread like wildfire through this area and left.

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The Burned Over District In early nineteenth century America a call for repentance swept across the country via the body of Christ just as it did some fifty years earlier with the First Great Awakening.

Saints, Sinners and Reformers The Burned-Over District Re-Visited by John H. Martin Table of Contents of Saints, Sinners and Reformers Chapter 11 John Humphrey Noyes The Oneida Community . In sedate, conservative, Republican, upstate New York, there are no doubt crimes of passion from time to time.

MAP 13.2 Reform Movements in the Burned-Over District The so-called Burned-Over District, the region of New York State most changed by the opening of the Erie Canal, was a seedbed of religious and reform movements. The Mormon church originated there, and Utopian groups and sects like the Millerites and the Fourierists thrived.

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Burned-Over District Observer. The Burned-Over District is a term used by some to describe the region of Western New York in the historical period of 1800-1850. It is also sometimes called the Second Great Awakening with a combination of religious, social and political elements.

This native of New York State’s burned-over district never could stop thinking about the number 10. As an adolescent, Dewey fell hard for the metric system, whose "great superiority," as he wrote in a high school essay, "over all others consists in the fact that all its scales are purely decimal."