Twin Galaxies Removes Former Donkey Kong Champ Billy Mitchell’s High Scores

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Wiebe finally gets his moment – the first ever Donkey Kong score over a million points – ruled out after Mitchell (ahem..) casts a shadow over Wiebe’s claim. To which Billy Mitchell then provides amateur video taped evidence of his own million point run, which arcade high score tracking company Twin Galaxies accepts instead.

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Mitchell, a.k.a. the “King of Kong,” used to hold the world record for the high scores in Donkey Kong and Pac-Man. His competition for the high score in the former is the stuff of legend.

Billy Mitchell Banned from Twin Galaxies and World Records Removed!! Twin Galaxies Removes Former Donkey kong champ billy Mitchell’s High Scores · > Billy denies Steve the satisfaction of playing one-on-one on Donkey Kong. They’d played Donkey Kong one-on-one a year before the documentary was filmed at a previous championship. The reason Steve wanted to play Billy publicly wasn’t to play once and be done.

Billy Mitchell, a longtime controversial figure in the competitive arcade gaming community, was stripped of his Donkey Kong high scores and banned from competitive leaderboards on Thursday.

In mid-1981, Walter Day, founder of Twin Galaxies Incorporated, visited more than 100 video game arcades over four months, recording the high scores that he found on each game. On November 10, he opened his own arcade in Ottumwa, Iowa, naming it Twin Galaxies.On February 9, 1982, his database of records was released publicly as the Twin Galaxies National Scoreboard.

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The record keepers removed his high scores after several people within the. Competitive video gamer billy mitchell, who once held a Donkey Kong high score. and Twin Galaxies, a scoreboard that tracks video game high scores.. said Mitchell said at the time of the removal in a video interview with Old.

Donkey Kong high scores. On August 19, 2007, at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas, Wiebe scored 695,500 points while Twin Galaxies Founder Walter Day served as the official referee.; On March 6, 2008, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Wiebe played in front of a fluctuating crowd of 1,900 party attendees in the TAO Nightclub in the Venetian Casino during Microsoft’s MIX08 event.

Billy Mitchell, the former King of Kong, has been dethroned after his scores were scrubbed from Twin Galaxies’ leaderboards in the wake of a dispute asserting that the high score record holder in.

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 · The official gatekeepers of Donkey Kong history, Twin Galaxies, last week disqualified Mitchell’s high scores and banned him from future competition.